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Today we got a chance to meet Kathie Quintanilla,true beauty both inside and out! Check out what she had to say in today's interview. 



Kathie, thank you so much for letting us interview you! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and how did you first get into Beauty?

I am from Los Angeles CA I started getting into beauty when I was about fifteen years of age. But, I was never allowed to wear makeup until I turned nineteen. So, during my teens I would cut out many of my favorite magazine makeup looks and collect them. I was very inspired on how flawless makeup would look on a person that one day I decided to buy my first foundation from M.A.C and I told the sales associate that I wanted a full coverage foundation no matter how  heavy it looked. Ever since then my love for the beauty industry has grown.
What do you think makes a person beautiful?
I believe that absolutely anything makes a person beautiful, from they way a person smiles to the way a person speaks. There are many amazing qualities that each individual has that has made them beautifully unique. As we all know beauty always begins on the inside and ends on the inside. Our attitude is what creates beauty. I have encountered so many people who have gone through tremendous amount of turmoil in their life but always speak positively  and give back without asking for anything in return, those people are truly beautiful and give hope to the world.
Who are your current beauty idols and why?
I love Charlotte Tilbury because she focuses on the many features in the face, from eye creams, to the perfect wing-liner. Her makeup line is very beautiful and well made, she focuses on many skin types and creates product that is versatile. My other favorite beauty guru is Wayne Goss, he is so intense but very honest in how to apply makeup the correct way. He makes it look so easy and is very detailed in applying makeup. Wayne is also very talented and has created his own brand of brushes, he is someone I look up too when it comes to honesty in the beauty world.
What are 3 beauty products that you absolutely can NOT go without?
Oh goodness, my top three are, Charlotte Tilbury Moisturizer, my Vitamin C serum by Jk Cielo, and my Rose Hip oil. Without these products my skin would become dehydrated.
What is one of your BEST qualities?
One of my best qualities is being silly even when the going gets rough. I love joking around a little too much and making people laugh. I want to bring joy into the atmosphere and make other feel comfortable to be themselves. I feel that the more sillier I am the more people become comfortable. Laughter is the best best medicine and as a beauty doctor we need a few doses of medication.
What is your definition of the word success?
My own definition of success is sacrifice. In order to succeed we must sacrifice a lot to achieve what we most aspire to be. Success is not just having money and living the "American Dream," truly success is defined as allowing to grow in the midst of criticism, judgment, and fear of the unknown. There needs to be sacrifice to succeed in life. Many give up half way because the the path seems impossible or way too far but, if we truly invest in ourselves and in others we will see that our success came from the people around us who demonstrated support and from the things we had to let go and sacrifice. Give yourself time to grow, be patient and remember to make room for others who want to succeed with you, sacrificial success overcomes selfishness and brings in humility, so go ahead and conquer.
Anything else you would like for us to know about you?
I want everyone to know that, before creating my Instagram page, I was afraid of the criticism and rejection but, it took some guts to overcome my fear and show off my talent and here I am.
Ugh! isn't she just amazing?! Check out her most latest work..
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  • Yaaaaas! I have known her since we were in diapers and everything that she said is exactly how she is. Honest and pure, and my go to every time I need my makeup done!

    Maria Chenchilla
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    Melissa Guzman
  • She is really knows what 2 do. Nice Job.

    Geronimo Tzum
  • I loved the answer to the last questions ❤️❤️❤️

  • What a beautiful girl and omg the birdie on the picture is soooo cutee hahaha!!! Rock on girl!

    Jennifer Arias

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