Lesley Jimenez

Today we got a chance to meet Lesley Jimenez. Check out what this LMC BABE had to say in today's interview.  
I am from a small city in Texas called Rockwall and well I first got into beauty because I really wasn’t all that confident in myself when I was younger and I felt like makeup made me gain the confidence I was lacking .
I believe what makes a person beautiful is the way they are as a person and their mentality. Beauty does not necessarily mean how one looks but how one is as a person .
My current beauty idols would definitely be Daisy Marquez as she’s one of the first makeup gurus that inspired me into getting into makeup .
I can not live without my LASHES ! Also both foundation and highlight 🙌🏽
I feel like one of my best qualities is that I’m a great listener and advice giver !
Success to me means that you constantly put in effort into things you want to grow in and you must also put consistency into things to see progress and improve.
I am a really hard worker and not only do I aspire to become a better makeup artist but also improve on myself as I want to become a empowering Latina woman that other girls would look up to !
Check out some of her latest work!
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