Meet Ada Burgos

 Today we got a chance to meet Ada Burgos. She is beautiful both inside and out! Check out what she had to say in today's interview.


Ada, thank you so much for letting us interview you! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and how did you first get into Beauty?

I was born in California but both of my parents are from Honduras it's a very small country yet the 3rd most touristic place in the world! We love going every year. I started getting into makeup after a friend of mine in high school did my makeup for prom I fell in love with the process of it all and how she made me feel even more beautiful! I wanted to give that feeling to others so I started my makeup page and practicing on myself  and now here I am with 30 thousand beautiful supporters and working with amazing companies who believe in me!


What do you think makes a person beautiful?

I think the feeling someone can give you makes them beautiful when they leave their mark on you and you can truly see how genuine and pure that person is. At the end of day we all have a different perspective its kind of like when you look at painting it can make you feel something and maybe in your own eyes it's beautiful.


Who are your current beauty idols and why?

My current beauty idols are Desi Perkins & Jaclyn Hill. Desi because she reminds me to never forget where we came from and how are family and our culture is so important! Jaclyn because she reminds me to always give back to my supporters and because her zodiac sign is the same as mine!  I love them both to death and if I ever get to meet them I would probably cry.


What are 3 beauty products that you absolutely can NOT go without?

1. Gloss, I hate dry lips I make sure I always have my fenty glosses in my purse. 2. Mascara, a little mascara can really make a big difference and it gives you that feminine look. 3. Pressed powder, I have oily skin so I use a powder that has some coverage and touch up my greasy face through out the day.


What is your definition of the word success?

Someone asked me this the other day and I plainly said "True happiness, and being able help others" If you are able to help others than you have reached a level of success maybe not big but its more than those who can't help at all. True happiness because you're doing something you love or because you are surrounded by those you love! Not everyone has that. Not everyone can have the gift of giving and being generous and not everyone is happy with just love.


Overall in life, we all go through ups and downs, can you tell us what 2018 taught you?

2018 taught me how to cope with my anger issues and also my anxiety. I've learned that if you can't control certain things then let it go and don't keep stressing because life has a funny way of showing you how everything will workout on its own and sometimes you have to let things be.


Anything else you would like for us to know about you?

If you're someone who's trying to follow their dreams and goals do it! People will laugh and be negative and that's something we all have to deal with in the process, but don't give up and always work hard! Because hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

Ugh! isn't she just amazing?! Check out her most latest work and If this isn't talent we don't know what is!
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  • Ada is awesome! And every time I have a question she always takes time to respond which is always very helpful 😊

    Melanie Cabrera
  • I’ve been following Ada since she had about 10k followers on her insta. I loved the way she stood out when she did the takeover on Undiscovered MUA’s Snapchat. I didn’t see her whole journey from the start but everyday she makes us feel like a part of her life and I think that’s what makes her unique and amazing. Love you 💓

  • I love her <3

  • Loved you since the moment I saw your page! You’re always so supportive and your talent is unreal, I wish you nothing but happiness and success in the future bb ❤️

  • Super proud of you Ada. You deserve all the success you’re receiving, you worked hard for all of this❤️

    Michelle Pineda

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