Are You A Boss Bish?

What does Boss Bitch mean?
Well, in Urban Dictionary, Boss Bi*%#t is defined as follows:
“A successful, independent woman who knows what she wants in this world. She will not stop until she is satisfied. She never settles for anything less than everything. This girl knows what she is talking about and can easily intimidate you. She speaks her mind in every situation. She stands up for what she believes in and won't stop until she is finished. This woman is always on the top of her game; whether that is in school, work, or family. She thrives on what she has and she won't stop until she reaches the top.”
I'm-ma Boss Bitch.
So are you a Boss Bitch
We put together our top 5 Boss Bitch compact mirrors! 
#5. Boss
and there you have it ! Our top 5 Boss Bitch compact mirrors. 
Lets us know below what is YOUR definition of being a Boss Bitch & Dont forget to share this blog if you are in fact a BOSS BISHHH! 
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